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Company Information

Address: 4-12-13, Nishi, Shiraoka, Minami-Saitama,
349-0205 JAPAN
Fax & Tel: Fax: 81-0480-93-9701 Tel:81-0480-90-4100
Established: February, 1988

Company history

Since this corporation established by strong request from Rice processing industries in Japan on February 1988, began as a global supplier of Grain Processing machinery to all over the world.

Since then, Everton obtained an exclusive distributorship in Japan from Heid Gmbh. Austria and Refacctionaria de Molinos, S.A., Mexico. Huge number of machines from the above companies had been imported and distributed. The these machines had been made the improvement and modification suitable to use in the local condition in corporation with the suppliers.

Everton has also been supplying an advanced Japanese Rice Processing machinery and parts to abroad.

Design and Engineering service for Rice Processing Plants had been conducted by us with full satisfaction of clients in Japan and abroad.

In 2005, Everton had developed a unique Bran ball separator that separates very efficiently Bran balls as well as foreign matters just before packing. The more unique machines are under development and will soon be introduced to the market.

By the request from our international friends, Everton has started supplying a good condition Japanese used machines to abroad.

Everton Corporation aims its dedication to contribute to the society through our Companion in our industries.

Business contents

  • Import and Export of Grain processing machines.
  • Export of used Japanese Grain processing machines.
  • Design and Engineering service of Rice Processing Machines.
  • Develop and manufacturing Grain Processing Machines.